It never gets boring with this zodiac sign: Aquarius encounters other people with creative ideas, a pronounced thirst for adventure and passion.

But how exactly does Aquarius tick? What are its strengths and weaknesses? With which Star sign does it match? Read all this and much more here!

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That’s how Aquarius ticks!

The typical Aquarius is an original contemporary and very charismatic. With his creativity and love of discovery, he ensures a lot of variety in his circle of friends.

Its ruling planets are Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is the strict father among planets and Uranus represents shock and sudden awakening. So it’s no wonder that an Aquarius is so unorthodox: he walks on the tip of a knife between discipline and revolution! Aquarius knows the set of rules that he is breaking. His chaos is systematic.

Its element is air: Aquarius is usually one step ahead of their fellow human beings because they are always looking to improve social life. The conservative social order is not his at all! Aquarius would like to change something with their creative ideas.

Aquarius celebrates his birthday in the middle of winter. For the modality this means: Aquarius is a fixed sign. Its energy is stabilizing. Aquarius is helpful, sociable and always there for his friends! Aquarius’ circle of acquaintances is just as colorful as he is, because Aquarians are tolerant and try to go through life without prejudice.

The dark side of Aquarius

Less is sometimes more: Because of the numerous ideas and plans that Aquarius has, it often happens that they get bogged down. Sometimes the really important things get lost!

Stubborn and impatient: Aquarius not only has a lot of ideas, they also really like them. In a discussion, it can quickly happen that the Aquarius does not understand the other side and insists on his argument. Aquarius also wants to implement their ideas as quickly as possible. If obstacles are put in his way, he sometimes gets impatient!

Other negative traits of Aquarius: rebellious, chaotic, resentful.

This is how Aquarius loves

It is typical for the Aquarius zodiac sign that he falls in love quickly. However, because Aquarius loves their independence so much, they commit themselves late. And change for a partner? No way!

Aquarius does not look for a partner who only appeals to them physically. The spirit and the soul play a big role for Aquarius!

Aquarius convinces in bed with its tenderness and openness! You can try new things with him. The Aquarius is rarely available for a quickie!

Which zodiac signs are compatible with Aquarius?

Of the 12 zodiac signs, Aquarius understands best with five

Of the 12 zodiac signs, Aquarius understands best with five

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Whether friends or romantic relationships, Aquarius can’t get enough of either! But that’s exactly why he often gets bogged down and can hardly reconcile all his acquaintances.

Aquarius shares a love of variety and adventure with some zodiac signs. He also needs a zodiac sign that doesn’t take away his independence, but doesn’t offer him too little closeness either.

These zodiac signs are compatible with Aquarius: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra, Aries, Twin.

More tips for Aquarius

Aquarians are rebellious when it comes to set orders and rules. On the other hand, they are very tolerant towards those around them.

Therefore: Try to show your tolerant side more often!

There are always new ideas and suggestions, but usually only half of them are implemented: A constant problem for Aquarius.

One tip: Write yourself a to-do list in which the individual items are arranged according to priority. And then: Process one after the other!

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