Ukraine’s president’s car crashes: Zelensky injured

Kyiv: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was injured in a traffic accident and was immediately sent to a local hospital for medical help. In this regard, Ukrainian presidential spokesman Nikiforov told the media that Volodymyr Zelensky had a traffic accident on a highway. In the capital of Kyiv. In which he was injured, but the injury is not very deep. The spokesman said a speeding car collided with the president’s car and the car of his bodyguards on the highway. The President was immediately taken to the hospital after the accident. After medical examination, doctors said that he was not seriously injured. According to a foreign news agency report, the driver of the other car was also given first aid by Zelinsky’s medical staff. Shortly after the accident, Zelinsky’s office released his address. In his address, Zelensky said that he had returned from Izum in Kharkiv. It should be remembered that almost all of Kharkiv has been liberated. This was Zelinsky’s first visit to the city of Izum in Kharkiv, one of the territories recaptured from Russia. The 25th Brigade announced on Facebook that Zelensky took part in a Ukrainian flag-raising ceremony in the city. Zelensky shared a photo of himself with his soldiers on his Telegram account and said in an accompanying message that in Azim. Already, the yellow and blue flag of Ukraine is flying. It is clear that Ukrainian forces had retaliated to take back their territory, leading Russia to announce its withdrawal from Kharkiv last week.