The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference has expressed deep anger and concern over the attitude of the government towards fruit growers and said that it seems that an attempt is being made to denigrate this key sector of Kashmir’s economy. Party Spokesperson Speaking to media representatives on Wednesday, Imran Nabi Dar said that during the past years, where the fruit industry had to face a lot of losses due to bad conditions, unexpected snowfall and Covid, even though this year Amsala Allah. The fruit production has been very good due to the grace and grace of the government, but there is a strong possibility of loss to the garden owners this year also due to the government’s indifference and lack of seriousness. It should be allowed to run for 24 hours without interruption but here the fruit trucks are being allowed to run for only 2 hours, due to which the fruit is rotting on the way. He said that apart from this, the government is not fixing the prices of apples. is also unable due to which the fruit growers are suffering a lot of loss. Last year, fruit growers were getting 1200 rupees for a box of apples, this year the price of the same box is 700 rupees. The spokesman said that the illegal import of Iranian apples has also caused a lot of damage to the Kashmiri apple industry. He stressed on the government that the illegal import of Iranian apples should be stopped and as 30% excise duty has been imposed on Kashmiri apples in Bangladesh, excise duty should also be applied on apples imported from foreign countries. should, so that the domestic market of Kashmiri apples remains available in the country. The National Conference spokesman said that the people associated with the fruit industry have been continuously protesting for the past few days, but the rulers are not giving up on this, which is a very worrisome issue.

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