Villagers in Jharkhand have such a belief that by doing this worship every year, the grace of Maa Mansa remains, due to which the incident of snakebite in the village is negligible.

Unique faith in Jharkhand... Devotees dance by cutting themselves with poisonous snakes

Mansa Devi is worshiped like this in Jharkhand.

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Although in different states of the country, different communities adopt their own ways to please their deity, but Jharkhand In Mansa Puja, devotees express their faith with a unique tradition. Actually, during Mansa Puja, devotees dance holding very poisonous snakes. He performs various tricks with them. During this, many times a poisonous snake also bites the devotees.

In such a situation, devotees believe that it is the blessings of Maa Mansa that even if someone bites a poisonous snake, nothing happens to them. Actually, Maa Mansa Devi is being worshiped by the tribal people in different districts of Jharkhand. In such a situation, Mansa Puja has been organized with great pomp in Bundu Tamad, Seraikela Kharsawan area of ​​the state. According to the beliefs, during Mansa Puja all the poisonous snakes around are collected with the help of mantra, then beautiful statue of Mansa Maa is made by artists from or around Bengal. At the same time, a snake is also made in the statue of Mansa Maa.

Mansa Devi is worshiped after being cut by poisonous snakes

Poisonous snakes dance in devotion to Mansa Maa

It is believed that even extremely poisonous and dangerous snakes become friends during Mansa Puja. During this, not only devotees but also poisonous snakes dance by being absorbed in the devotion of Mansa Maa. At the same time, during Mansa Puja, people roam around their necks with poisonous snakes like python, serpent, serpent, cobra dhamin. They also press them in their mouths and get themselves cut from them. It is said that during this time the poison inside the snakes gets destroyed due to the influence of Maa Mansa.

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Know what is the belief of Mansa Devi?

Let us tell you that after the worship is over, the poisonous snakes caught again are released into the forest. It is the belief of the villagers that by performing this worship every year, the grace of Maa Mansa remains, due to which the incident of snakebite in the village is negligible. It is believed that the devotees who make vows during Mansa Puja, their wishes have always been fulfilled. During Mansa Puja, Tantric Sadhana and Savar Mantras are practiced in Mansa temples. In such a situation, Maa Mansa Devi is worshiped continuously for a month. The bungalow which starts from Shravan Sankranti worships Maa Mansa Devi for the entire month as per her convenience.

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