US will protect Taiwan in case of Chinese attack: Biden

Washington, Sep 19 (UNI) US President Joe Biden has again said that the US will defend Taiwan in the event of an attack from China. In an interview with CBS, Mr Biden was asked if China would attack Taiwan. US forces defend Taiwan. In response, the US President agreed and replied ‘yes’. The interview aired on Sunday, after which the White House reiterated that there was no change in US policy. He said US policy has always been one of “strategic ambiguity”. The US is not committed to defending Taiwan, but does not rule out options. Taiwan is an independent island off the coast of East China that China claims as its territory. America has been taking a diplomatic stand on this issue for a long time. On the one hand it follows China’s policy, which is also the basis of its relationship with China. Mr. Biden reiterated this in an hour-long interview with CBS on Sunday. He said that there is one China policy and Taiwan can take its own decisions on its independence. We’re not insisting, we’re not encouraging them to seek independence from China – ‘It’s Taiwan’s own decision.’ Including Tokyo earlier this year. He also clarified at the time that there was no change in our Taiwan policy. This is a fact. But it is the third time in a year that President Biden in October 2021 and then this government has been on the sidelines in indicating its promise of military action in May. Earlier this month, the United States agreed to sell $1.1 billion worth of defense weapons and missiles to Taiwan, raising China’s anger for the seventh time. Significantly, after the controversial visit of the US Parliament Speaker, tensions between the US and China had increased. Nancy Pelosi on the island in August. After that, Mr Biden said that this kind of action by China is good. No. Mr Biden said in yesterday’s interview that Russia has also been warned not to use chemical or strategic nuclear weapons in Ukraine. war.