virus detection face mask ready

In ten minutes, it will detect respiratory microbes in the air and alert the person
Beijing, Sep 22 (UNI) A group of Chinese researchers has developed a face mask that can detect the virus within 10 minutes of coming into contact with an infected person. Chinese researchers gave this information on Thursday. The highly sensitive face mask is capable of measuring trace-level liquid samples of 0.3 microliters and gas samples at extremely low concentrations of 0.1 femograms per milliliter, according to research published this week in the journal Matter. Researchers said that their team has developed a face mask that will detect respiratory germs in the air and alert a person in 10 minutes. He said the respiratory pathogens that cause COVID-19 and influenza are spread to other people through droplet contact when an infected person talks, coughs and sneezes. A bioelectronic mask designed by Tongjin University researchers can detect common respiratory viruses including influenza and coronavirus in droplets in the air, aerosols and then alert wearers via their mobile devices. The team created a small sensor with three types of synthetic molecules that simultaneously bind to surface proteins on SARS-CoV-2, H5N1 and H1N1, says Yin Feng, a physical scientist at Tongji University in Shanghai and corresponding author of the study. , If a new respiratory infection appears in the future, he said, he can easily modify the sensor design for it.