It is common for hair to turn gray as we age. 40-50 At or above age, the hair starts turning white. nowadays 20 From the age of 18, the hair starts turning white. The main reason for this is stress and busy lifestyle. There are also many myths about gray hair behind the hair becoming white. This also includes the use of shampoo. Yes, some people believe that the use of shampoo also causes gray hair to turn white. If you also think so, then the answer is – no, yes, it does not happen at all. In no way do shampoos cause graying of hair.

Melanin and Pigment for Gray Hair are responsible for hair color

before going to any results We must know how our hair gets its natural color. What are the factors or reasons behind graying of hair. Millions of hair follicles in the human body produce hair and pigment cells called melanin. It gives natural color to the hair, Which can be anything from black and brown to red and strawberry blonde.

Our genes natural hair color and the type of melanin we are born with, play an important role in that. If for some reason the production of melanin stops, So you will find that some of your hair is starting to become transparent. Melanin acts like ink. Your hair is like a refill. If your hair has stopped getting ink, So your hair turns gray or white.

Shampoo cannot penetrate deep into our scalp. It can inhibit hair follicles or cells to destroy melanin. Shampoo is a cleanser, which is used to clean dirt and pollution particles from the hair and scalp.

There can be many other reasons for gray hair

In addition to the lack of melanin, There are other reasons due to which hair may turn white.

excessive stress, Due to high blood pressure and anxiety, your hair can turn gray even at a young age. Too much stress gives rise to many diseases including graying of hair. Such things directly affect the functionality of the hair cells and the production of melanin.

Bad Eating Habit Can Make Hair White

Proteins and vitamins are essential for healthy hair. If your diet is not healthy or nutritious, So your hair may turn white prematurely. iron in food, It is always important to have biotin and other supplements, which help in the production of melanin.

Smoking is also a factor

Smoking is another factor responsible for graying of hair, Because it affects the whole body including your scalp. Some studies show that people who smoke tend to gray hair more quickly than people who smoke. 30 Do not smoke until the age of. Due to smoking, the hair quickly becomes white and silver in color.

Chemical in Hair Dye Use

Chemical-rich dyes or products are also responsible for graying of hair. some harmful chemicals such as parabens, hydrogen peroxide, Or the availability of other ingredients reduces melanin. Excessive use of this can lead to graying of hair.

Keep these things in mind in the choice of shampoo (Choose Right Shampoo)

your hair type, It is extremely important to choose a reliable shampoo that suits the texture and goals. There are many professional brands of shampoos available for different types of scalps. such as dandruff or dry scalp, oily scalp and sensitive scalp There are different types of shampoos for There are very few brands in the market that make paraben and sulfate-free shampoos. Many company products promote hair growth without damaging the scalp.

know here Remedies To Reduce Gray Hair

Hair Oil Massage once a week

Oil massage once a week helps in maintaining the health of the hair. It increases the circulation of blood in the scalp.

Scalp massage strengthens the hair. Image: Shutterstock

Provides essential nutrients to the hair roots.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is also necessary to reduce gray hair. A healthy and balanced diet containing vitamins C and E along with protein can help improve the health of your hair naturally. It can also slow down the rate of whitening.

Organic Head Massage

If you want, you can also try organic head massage. Which works to reduce white hair. In this, natural oil is used for head massage. The Vitamin E present in the natural oil nourishes and moisturizes dry hair. This will make the hair shiny and healthy.

Oil prepared from Prickly Pear seed oil Vitamin E, Vitamin F, Rich in fatty acids like amino acids and antioxidants. It improves the production of melanin and collagen. Other key ingredients available in this oil are Omega –6 and omega-9 are fatty acids. Its regenerative properties improve the health of your hair and scalp. The right diet and the right lifestyle can help reduce graying of hair.

gray hair
Genes may also be responsible for gray hair. Image : Shutterstock

You can easily take care of your hair with the above mentioned tips. Remember that sometimes graying of hair can be a result of our genes. It can only be stopped or hidden, cannot be deleted.

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