Marks in CUET UG Result 2022 are given by Equipercentile Method. Understand this NTA CUET Result Formula.

What is Equipercentile Method?  Marks obtained in CUET UG by this formula

Marking on Equipercentile Method in CUET Result 2022 (Indicative Image)

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Undergraduate Common University Entrance Test ie CUET UG 2022 Result can be announced at any time. National Testing Agency (NTA) will release the CUET Result 2022 on the official website This exam was taken for 27 subjects in different phases and sessions. The question is, how will the marking of students appearing for the same subject at different times and days be done? The UGC chairman has told that only normalization will not be used here. Rather the marks in CUET UG 2022 Result will be given on the basis of Equipercentile Method.

This is a new word for students and parents. Now the question is, is this Equipercentile Method? Under this, how will the marking in CUET be done? Why was it needed? UGC Chairman M Jagdesh Kumar has explained this formula in an interview with IE. You understand too.

Why was Equipercentile needed?

CUET is different from other entrance exams. There are thousands of subject combinations and exams have been taken for the same subject in different sessions on many different days. In such a situation, if the marking is done in the normal process, then many different percentiles will be created for each group of students (session wise). It will become difficult to compare the performance of students on the basis of percentile only.

What is Equipercentile Method?

This is a step ahead formula from Marks Normalization. In this method, first marks are given to each candidate on the basis of normalization. In which the marks of each student are calculated from the percentile of the entire group of students in a session. The same scale is applied to all candidates in the Equipercentile method, but the session (in which the student took the exam) has no role. So that the performance of the students can be assessed overall in all the sessions in their subject.

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How is the percentile calculated?

Suppose 100 students have given exam in one shift. Filter all these marks in descending order. Now suppose out of these 100 students got 87% marks. And 80 out of 100 students got marks less than or equal to 87%. So the percentile of that student will be- 80/100=0X8.

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