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  • BCCI is going to implement new rule in Syed Mushtaq Ali T20

  • All the state cricket associations have been mailed regarding the Impact Player rule.

  • If it is successful then it will be implemented in IPL 2023

New Delhi: BCCI is going to implement a rule in T20 cricket. It will begin with the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy starting October 11. This change will be known as Impact Player or Tactical Substitute. The BCCI has sent a mail to the state cricket associations detailing the ‘Impact Player’ rule.

According to this new rule, all teams can replace one player as an impact player (Tactical Substitute) during the match. Strategically, teams will be allowed to include other players in place of one player in the playing-11 during the match.

If successful, it will be implemented in IPL-2023!
The BCCI has been eager for the last few years to implement the Tactical Substitute rule in the IPL. But the board is ready to implement this new rule in the upcoming Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. If it manages to work smoothly in the domestic T20 tournament, then surely IPL 2023 will be played with another new rule. This will increase the excitement of the game.

How will the Impact Player rule work?
1. All the teams will have to announce the names of four substitute players along with playing-11 during the toss in the match. One of these players will get a chance to play after being used strategically in the match.
2. A substitute player can be included in the playing XI at any time before the 14th over of both the innings in place of either of the players in the playing 11.
3. This new player will be able to bat as well as bowl four overs.
4. This player can also be included in the team instead of the player who has batted, but only 11 players will be able to bat for the team.
5 Impact player can replace any bowler. No matter how many overs he has bowled before.

What are the benefits of this rule?
1. This rule is being implemented primarily to bridge the gap caused by the toss. The loss caused by losing the toss can be compensated by this rule.
2. If a team has to bowl at the time of dew after losing the toss, it can make up for it by adding an extra bowler to its bowling order.
3 On a pitch taking excessive turn or swinging, the team can include an extra batsman in the XI while chasing the target.
4. If a player is injured during the match, another player can be brought back in his place.
5. If a bowler is stopped from bowling after throwing two beamers in the match, then another player can be brought back in his place.

How is Big Bash different from X Factor?
A similar rule applies in Big Bash called the ‘X Factor Rule’. In this, a player of the playing-11 can be changed in the middle, if the match is of 20 overs, then in the 10th over of the first innings. As a variation, a player going on the field cannot bat, as well as bowl more than one over.

But BCCI’s rule is different from this. This gives more freedom to the changed new player. He can bowl and bat both. Even if he has finished his quota of bowling, he has gone out. The new player will be allowed to bowl full four overs. Can also go to bat but only 11 players can come out to bat for the team.

ODI Super is different from all
This rule is also different from the super sub rule implemented in ODI cricket in the years 2005 and 2006. According to that rule, a player included as a super sub would win the choice and be beneficial to the team batting first. After batting, that player was replaced by a bowler and the team got a double advantage. So that rule was later abolished.

When can the impact player be brought on the field?
An impact player can be brought in only after the end of the over. But on two occasions, there will be freedom to make changes before the end of the over. The team batting first should include a player after the fall of the wicket. Second, the bowling team may want to replace the injured player in the middle of the over. On both these occasions, the player will be allowed to change before the end of the over. A substituted player may not participate in the match in any further form. Even he cannot be sent to the field for fielding.

What will be the effect of rain?
Rain will also have an effect on the rules for the inclusion of Impact Players. If a match started with a full 20 overs and after the 10th over rain interrupted and overs had to be cut, both teams would be allowed to bring in an impact player. But if the match is already less than 10 overs due to rain, then this rule will not apply in that. In a 17-over match, the impact player will be allowed to bring up to 13 overs. In an 11-over match, this can be done up to 9 overs.

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