Whisper – The Kashmir News

Ali Sheeda

Rashid Sahib’s eldest grandson came to his grandfather shouting. Look, grandpa, your picture is circulating on Facebook since morning. Dada ji looked at the picture with great joy while cleaning his glasses. With poor eyesight, he kept touching the picture. The person with him in the picture was none other than the famous ophthalmologist of the city. Whose Kalingpat some seven years ago, Rashid Sahib went to treat his eyes. And then Dr. Nazir took this picture in his chamber. Since then every year the doctor remembers his teacher by sharing this photo on Facebook.
Rashid Sahib was shocked to see the picture. But a strange wave of happiness appeared on his face.
Hey, this is my student, Dr. Nazir, an eye doctor. “
The grandson asked innocently. Dadaji, then why does he never come to our house to ask how you are doing?
Rashid looked at his grandson while cleaning his glasses, hugged him, kissed his shining forehead and held one ear and whispered something in the other.
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