Debacle in “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” |

Audience Joker predicts wrong answer

Here were two guessing foxes on the wrong track …

“Who wants to be a millionaire?” candidate Christian Alt was fatal on Monday evening when the 16,000 euro question was asked.

Because the man from Munich absolutely didn’t know what to do, he hoped for help from a young lady in the audience. But the whole number went wrong in the end and made the 33-year-old unlucky on the show.

Things were going pretty well for Alt for a long time. Of his four jokers, he still had two left when the unlucky question came up. Günther Jauch (66) wanted to know: “A vaccination against what is, according to the Robert Koch Institute, ‘still not available’?”

A: Malaria B: Cholera C: Measles D: Shingles

The quizmaster thought, “Here in the audience, we can do it very easily.”

A look at the telephone jokers of his counterpart also gave hope. The podcast producer about one of them: “He’s a chemist and very smart.” But reading the long question would take too much time, the candidate believed and chose someone in the audience. He chose a young woman who was the first to rule out measles.

As a social worker, she knew: “Vaccinations are mandatory in child and youth welfare.” The additional joker also didn’t want to believe in shingles and malaria and therefore advised cholera.

From Jauch’s reaction, however, one could have guessed that something was wrong with this answer. “Do you think so?” he asked and recommended the candidate to use the telephone joker as a safeguard.

When asked why the young lady ruled out malaria, she replied: “I have a friend who has been to Africa before and had malaria because he wasn’t vaccinated.” An explanation that Christian Alt seemed to convince. He decided, “I’ll take B: cholera. And if not, it was a nice day in Cologne.”

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The resolution shocked him quite a bit. Jauch had to tell the rate fox: “You can NOT be vaccinated against malaria.” And: “There is an oral vaccination against cholera.” The woman in the audience also looked bewildered.

Christian Alt could only dream of the 16,000 euros he believed to be safe, but fell to 500 euros. Would he have preferred to have listened to Jauch and activated the telephone joker. Nevertheless, the candidate could at least smile again in the end.

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