Rarely is “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” so slippery…

When candidate Herta Brandt sat on the council chair on Monday evening, Günther Jauch (66) had a lot of questions. The young woman worked in an erotic shop for over two years and was able to report exciting things from that time. Suddenly the quiz show was about penis pumps, condoms and sex dolls.

After the 1000 euro question, Jauch spoke about the various jobs of the mother of two. Among other things, she was a saleswoman at “Beate Uhse”. The moderator curiously: “What is the difference between men and women when it comes to the need for advice?” His candidate’s answer came like a shot. Brandt: “Men cannot estimate their size.”

At Jauch’s grin, she explained the problem in more detail. The blonde about her experiences: “Men always find all condoms too small or too tight. And ‘he’ doesn’t fit into all penis pumps.”

When it comes to penis pumps, many customers have the wrong idea, says Brandt. “Most people think it makes the penis bigger. But actually it is a tool that helps with erectile dysfunction so that everything works a little better.”

In addition, even the largest penis pump was said to be too small for some. Jauch’s candidate reports: “One even took out his cell phone and showed me the photo. They are completely pain-free.”

Günther Jauch, who is amused by the young woman’s stories, wants to hear more. He even announces to the audience: “I think we always work through two or three questions, and then there’s something new from ‘Beate Uhse’.”

Naked by the pool RTL presenter pulls completely blank

Source: Lola Weippert/Instagram


When she had earned 8,000 euros, Brandt then told him about a customer who, drunk, grabbed a rubber doll from the shelf and disappeared into the basement of the store. Only the police were able to put an end to the hustle and bustle.

Jauch joked after the story: “Why did you leave this dream job?” Then Brandt, who has since switched to a food discounter, grins: “I wanted to do something serious.”

In the show, she cleared 16,000 euros and wants to buy an electric scooter, among other things.

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