YouTuber died of leukemia at the age of 31 |

Sara’s farewell greeting moves her to tears

For months, Sara Holmes battled her insidious illness. Now she has lost her fight. The popular YouTuber died of leukemia at the age of 31.

Her fiance Hyun broke the sad news of her death to her fans in a touching nearly 48-minute video he shared on her YouTube channel HojuSara published.

The Korean in a tear-choked voice: “Hello everyone! I’m Hyun loving Korea loving Sara. I really never wanted to make a video like this. And I really believed that day would never come. I don’t want to cry.”

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Because Sara loved his smile so much, Hyun continues, he wanted to “break this news without crying.” And yet his voice falters, tears well up in his eyes. At this point, Sara’s fans have long known that she died from her illness.

Then the moment that moves deeply: Hyun mentions that it had started to rain heavily in Brisbane (Australia) in the last two days. He says he shed many tears. And then plays Sara’s farewell greeting to her fans, which she recorded shortly before her death.

Sara and Hyun as a happy couple

Sara and Hyun as a happy couple

Photo: Instagram/hojusara

Sara says: “If you hear this: I love you all! When you hear that, I’ll be watching you from heaven!” As Sara speaks, Hyun nods in agreement. He struggles to control himself as he sits in front of a white paneled wall, framed by bouquets of flowers. There is a photo of the happy couple on a table.

Hyun keeps interrupting his message to the fans – but he always smiles bravely and hopefully for the camera. He says: “She was a wonderful person. I’ve never met a better person.”

Sara dealt openly and bravely with her leukemia disease

Sara dealt openly and bravely with her leukemia disease

Photo: Instagram/hojusara

At the end he asks the audience: “Everyone, please keep our Sara in your memory. […] Because saying goodbye is too sad, let’s just say bbyong.” In Korean, it means “go away”.

Australian-born Sara Holmes published mostly food content on her YouTube channel (344,000 subscribers). She lives with Hyun in her adopted country of South Korea, speaks the local language fluently and also provides the audio for most of her videos in Korean.

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