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Stable peace in Jammu and Kashmir cannot be digested across the border, we have to fight together: Dilbagh Singh

Shahid Talk

SHOPIAN// J&K Police Chief Dilbagh Singh said that Zainapura Shopian area is almost free of militancy. Talking to the media after a function at Zainapura Shopian police station on the occasion of Thana Divas, the police chief said. That Zainapura area used to be the center of militancy but now due to the security forces and police operations, there has been a significant reduction in the recruitment process of militancy in this area and this area can be declared almost free of militancy. He said. That the youth of this area now want to join the police force with great enthusiasm. He said that thousands of youths have come here for employment and the people of the area now want development. But still there will be some people who will not digest these things. He said that some elements are worried about the peace in Jammu and Kashmir and are trying to spoil it. He said that the Jammu and Kashmir Police And besides other security forces, it is the responsibility of the people to further strengthen this peace. He said that the youth of Jammu and Kashmir have witnessed the destruction of life and property in the last three decades. He added that it is time to forget the past and work together to strengthen the existing peace to build a better future.

Referring to the killing of innocents, the DGP said that no religion teaches the killing of humanity, adding that we have to work together to stop those who teach the killing of innocents. It is against peace, brotherhood and harmony. The DGP said that Pakistan is sending weapons to drag the youth of Jammu and Kashmir to the path of destruction. With rejection by the , it is now pushing drugs to harm our youth”. He said, “We have to stand together and work together to stop this trend”. He said that cross-border militancy training camps, launching pads are still active and attempts have been made to infiltrate across the Line of Control and the International Border. He added that the Jammu and Kashmir police and security forces tracked down many of these infiltrators who were hiding here. He said that “around 3 dozen Pakistani militants associated with Lashkar and Jaish have been arrested during the current year.” effected, which indicates the involvement of Pakistan and its agencies in fomenting trouble in Jammu and Kashmir,” he added, adding that communication between the police, security forces and the people of Jammu and Kashmir should continue. will, work together to thwart their nefarious designs and further consolidate the peace. He said that it is likely that some more infiltration attempts will be made before the onset of winter. In his speech, the DGP said that it is time to work together to strengthen the existing peace to build a better future. Dilbagh Singh, Financial Commissioner (Additional Chief Secretary), Home Department Jammu and Kashmir, R. He presided over a function at Thana Devs Zainapura Police Station in Shopian along with K Goyal. Actions must be taken to prevent that which is against peace, brotherhood and harmony. The DGP said that the youth traveling to different parts of the country will know the richness of flora and fauna of the country which is unique in nature. In which people of different faiths, castes, colors live together.