What to consider before making the purchase? What are the strengths of both options?

What to consider before making the purchase? What are the strengths of both options?

The main dilemma for all those people who intend to buy a property in this period is the following: is it better to buy a property that does not need interventions or invest in a house to renovate? Which of the two paths is the most advantageous and allows for a better deal, both in economic terms and in terms of personal well-being?

Although there is no right or wrong choice in absolute terms, deciding to buy an “old-fashioned” house that needs renovation undoubtedly has its advantages: let’s see what they are and what to evaluate before making a final decision  https://www.provisionhomes.com/

Buying a house to renovate is an economic investment

Surely the first advantage of buying a house to renovate is found in the economic aspect of the deal : in addition to savings on the initial purchase price , it is good to consider that an old house to renovate can increase its economic value by 30% compared to unrefurbished ones.

Furthermore, for carrying out the works it is possible to take advantage of the numerous tax breaks made available by the State which allow you to further reduce the costs to be incurred (such as the Superbonus, the Restructuring Bonus or the Furniture Bonus), as well as having lower average taxes compared to new build properties.

Greater customization and larger spaces

After having considered the more bureaucratic and economic aspects of the deal, let’s now go on to evaluate the advantages and the more qualitative characteristics that derive from the purchase of an “old-fashioned” house to renovate.

First of all, the properties already built in most cases are located in excellent positions and close to the main infrastructures , as opposed to those of new construction which are usually built outside the center or in the suburbs.

Secondly, one of the major advantages is found in the maximum customization of the house which can be designed according to personal taste and according to individual needs: coverings, fixtures, the distribution of internal spaces up to the external ones, each element can be customized to create the home of your dreams, making a period property a real modern jewel, adapting all the plant and technological solutions.